Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pricing Analyst Needed ASAP

 Pricing Analyst opening in Eastern USA. BS in Engineering or related Business Degree

Location: Eastern U.S.

A leading investor owned utility is searching for a Pricing Analyst to provide analytical and transactional support for its retail power marketing group.

Ø  Coordinate the transactional process
Ø  Coordinate the transactional analysis
Ø  Coordinate development of standard transaction reports and transaction summaries in order to more effectively manage market data
Ø  Conduct and incorporate market research
Ø  Participate in market fundamental analysis to enhance the business activities
Ø  Participate in the budget process
Ø  Recommend and coordinate development of product structures and marketing strategies for various market products

Ø  B.S. in Engineering or a related Business degree
Ø  Three years experience in either retail or product valuations
Ø  Strong analytical skills
Ø  MBA and management skills preferred

They are looking to fill this role before the new year. Send resume/cv to Clara Ogunsemi

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Privite Client Services: Salary N6-8millon

We are seeking the right individuals to join our PCS( Private Client Services) team. Sales is critical to this role as we are seeking a Sales professional with extensive selling skills to sell the products and a clientele and network that goes with it. We would expect the individual to be able to design a portfolio for a client. And have the ability to coordinate specialists (Investor, Capital Advisor, Trust and Estate Advisor and Wealth Advisor) to provide interdisciplinary expertise for our most complex clients in ensuring that each client has a completed profile, is introduced to the appropriate product specialists and that accounts are properly maintained and serviced. We would expect them to assist in executing the business plan.

• To develop and grow the client base for the business
• To provide investment advisory services to prospective/existing clients
• To support and manage high net worth private client and family office relationships JOB RESPONSIBILITIES
• Preparing investment analysis for clients who will involve significant spreadsheet work including the collation & appropriate presentation of various data
• Assisting with due diligence of investment managers and preparing reports thereon
• Assisting with the preparation of investment proposals, reports & presentations for clients
• Monitoring investment portfolios, making appropriate recommendations and ensuring the implementation thereof
• Bachelor degree in financial or engineering/science, & relevant post graduate qualification (Relevant investment qualifications/part qualifications (e.g. CFA) would be an added advantage)
• Experience within the asset management and/or wealth management industry and access to Private Wealth Management core client space and professional centers of influence
• Good knowledge of different asset classes & investment markets skills
• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills (in particular, writing skills)
• Proven research strategy and asset management skills
• Fully competent in Microsoft Office Suite with excellent level of Excel ability
• Working knowledge of Bloomberg would be an added advantage

 Personal Qualities: Trustworthy and diligent with high level of integrity
• Methodical and meticulous – careful attention to detail
• Ability to remain calm when under pressure
• Assertive/able to get one’s views across
• Flexible – willing to travel/work extra hours when required
• Proactive – keeps up to date with global economic developments as a matter of course
• Passion for investment markets

If interested and qualify for this position, please send cv/resume to

Friday, October 8, 2010

Microsoft: Commercial Account Manager, Nigeria

If interested please send your CV/Resume to Barbara Gange at When submitting your resume/CV, mention Ebun Onagoruwa (Microsoft employee) as the referrer- this will definitely give you an edge. 

Microsoft Internal Job Description
Commercial Account Manager
Job Title:
Commercial Account Manager (AM) – Nigeria
Oct 2010
Proposed Level:
Please contact your local HR representative.
Evaluated Level:

Reports to:
Nigeria  EPG Lead
FLSA Status:

Summary of Job Profile
Why does the Commercial AM role exist? 
The Commercial Account Manager (AM) role adds value to Microsoft by delivering a well-managed, profitable and growing business produced through relationship excellence and sales excellence practices where the customer views the AM as trusted advisor.

The success of the business is measured in the following ways:
§         An expanding footprint in accounts through year-over-year percentage increase in customer addressable revenue (AR).
§         Account growth through increased signed EA renewal rates and net-new opportunity revenue while meeting annual revenue targets.
§         Year-over-year growing integration of partners and services in key wins.
§         Year-over-year increase in customer satisfaction as measured by Relationship Management scores.
§         Reciprocal Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) in place for each account that meet quality standards defined by Sales management and included as part of a comprehensive up-to-date account plan.
§         Business value discussed in every discussion and every proposal with the customer.
§         The customer is current on the installation and use of current products available through the EA or SA. and realizes the value of new capabilities aligned to the Microsoft roadmap

What deliverables does the Commercial AM produce that add value to Microsoft?
The Commercial AM role adds value by producing (See Account Management Profile of Excellence for a full description):
  1. Customers with realized value from the MSFT platform through acquisition and deployment of the solutions they buy
  2. Strong and deepening customer relationships
  3. Strategic, effective and actionable account plans
  4. Well developed opportunities leading to a healthy pipeline producing wins that meet or exceed quota
  5. High performing account teams through effective AM coaching and leadership

How is the Commercial AM role unique from other Account Manager roles?
The Commercial AM role is unique in the following ways:
§         Capability to develop and provide value to CIO and LOB director relationships.
§         Scale through partners and extended teams.
§         Sales cycles generally up to 12 – 24 months.
§         Greater degree of industry versatility (Oil and Gas Industry Knowledge Preferable)
§         Sales engagements can cross-sectors and verticals with various agreements, different product set, competition, pricing, etc.
§         Sales Collaboration required for corporate accounts that are downstream to a Major multinational or Global HQ.
§         Greater territory element to account management.
§         Account long term potential (LTP)—minimum $1M annual (for Mature) and minimum of $500K (for Emerging).
§         Provides coaching to peer account managers.
§         Account ratio 1:18 (on average).

What are the key initiatives and challenges facing the Commercial AM role over the next 6 months to 3 years?
The key initiatives and challenges facing the Commercial AM role are:
  1. A greater understanding of the competitive landscape in the customer base as customers are looking for ways to cut cost out of their business model.
  2. A more in-depth focus on industry or vertical solutions to meet customer needs, and the business value proposition that Microsoft offers in helping customer’s meet their challenges and business opportunities.
  3. A deeper understanding of what’s going on in the marketplace and an in-depth knowledge of the customer’s industry and core business process across the customer base.
  4. Effective ways to sell with an understanding of current economic/market conditions through creative deal structuring, creative terms, value propositions, etc., that demonstrates to customers how Microsoft can save them money and get the most value of their investment.
  5. Ensure MSFT retains and grows the number of customers in annuity-based agreements in current economic/market conditions.
Summary of Role in Microsoft’s Business Processes
What business results is this role accountable for? 
The Commercial AM role is responsible for delivering a well-managed business of customer accounts that meets or exceeds revenue targets through demonstrated value to the customer, relationship and sales excellence practices and representing One Microsoft in the Enterprise.

How does the Commercial AM role drive toward these results?
The Commercial AM drives towards these results by demonstrating the following ten world class selling traits:
  1. Internal Following—developing a virtual team of the best resources for your customer delivering value to, and establishing trust with, each member.
  2. Lack of Self Deception—not allowing a positive mindset to impact viewing your position with a sceptical lens. Understanding and mitigating potential risks.
  3. Executive Presence—strongly projecting confidence, as a peer, at the CXO level. Communicating value, with authority that resonates. Having tough conversations when necessary.
  4. Conviction—speaking with confidence, authority and sincerity. Projecting conviction, but knowing what you don’t know. Varying projection to emphasize elements that really count.
  5. Fast Study, Strong Replay—being an active listener who pays deep attention to the essence of the customer’s communication.  Validating understanding through accurate and brief yet complete replay.
  6. Helicoptering—building authentic relationships and interacting from the front line to the CXO – and building personal relationships with all key roles, including CXO Administrative Assistants.
  7. Strong Personal, Long-Term Relationships—building strong personal relationships beyond domain expertise. Sharing personally, to others. Sharing customer aspirations. Committing to the relationship for long term.
  8. Disarmingly Honest—always telling the truth and regularly being disarmingly candid. Knowing how much to share and how much is too much. Never compromising your integrity or relationships.
  9. Political Navigation—having strong political radar. Having trusted relationships aid navigation. Making politically aware actions and decisions. Using insight to enhance position or neutralize competition.
  10. Genuinely Cares—caring for all stakeholders’ welfare and outcomes.  Ensuring all of your actions, and all of your projections, are consistent and demonstrate genuine caring.
Position Scope
In what ways and levels does this role affect Microsoft: department-wide impact, division-wide impact, domestic only, worldwide, etc.?
The Commercial AM role affects Microsoft in a variety of ways; directly at the customer account level and indirectly impacts industry and the community within a specified geography or territory.  The Corporate AM role focuses on up to ten accounts on average. The Corporate AM role must successfully sell into and develop relationships with customers across multiple industries with varied business processes and organizational objectives while scaling through partners and extended teams in sales engagements that can be cross-sectors and verticals.
What are the key decisions that this role makes?  What is the importance of these decisions?  On what decisions would this role need to defer to its manager or customer? 
The key decisions made by the Commercial AM role are:
·         How to establish and expand key relationships (executive, IT, Line of business) across the customer organization.
·         How to develop the Microsoft roadmap and strategy (account plan) that aligns with the customer’s business initiatives to further expand Microsoft technologies within each account?
·         What Microsoft resources are best positioned to help meet the goals and objectives for each account as well as the Corporate AM’s growth strategy as defined within the account plans?
·         Determine the best licensing vehicles to keep the customer current in their use of MSFT technology.
·         What is the best way to position a commercial proposition (return on investment) to the customer?
·         Who are the individuals in key roles in the customer account who should receive Microsoft’s CPE survey and ensure Microsoft is servicing the account to drive optimal satisfaction.
These decisions impact the probability and success of opportunities moving to close.  The Corporate AM role defers to the customer for insights into business pains and opportunities.  The Corporate AM role defers to the manager for decisions on moving opportunities forward and escalating issues as needed.
Strategy and Development
To what extent is the role responsible for the strategy, design, development, rollout or implementation of programs, products and/or services?
The Commercial AM role is responsible for creating and maintaining account plans that define a strategy for each account and gathering input into these plans from team members.  The Corporate AM role is also responsible for continuously reinforcing the importance of adopting/deploying solutions.
Communication/ Business Relationships
What other internal communication/business relationships does this role have with management, direct reports, peers and positions outside immediate work group? What is the purpose/type of communication: data collection, negotiation, status reports, etc.?
The Commercial AM role works with the following internal resources:
  1. Core team members (ATS, ATU SSPs, SE , LE) for the purpose of effectiveness and opportunity success.
  2. Extended team members such as RBMs, downstream AMs, Services (TAMs, ESCs, SEs), PAMs, and Industry teams.
  3. Opportunity-focused resources that help drive opportunity pipeline velocity and success (e.g., STU resources such as TSPs and SSPs, Marketing, etc.).
  4. Local, regional and corporate management.

The primary purpose of communication is to ensure success of each opportunity that has been identified.  The Commercial AM role’s communications also involve reporting back on account plans, pipelines and customer business pains and opportunities.
What type of external communication/business relationships does this position have with vendors, partners, press and etc.?
The external communication and business relationships center primarily customers and partners, and external consultants, as relevant.
What key stakeholders (roles, departments, and business functions) does this role rely on to achieve its goals?  What key stakeholders does this role impact?
The Commercial AM role relies on and impacts all of the roles identified above to achieve its goals.  These key stakeholders also rely heavily on the Corporate AM role to meet their goals.

Candidate Profile
Area Qualification
Description of what is required/preferred
What work experience is essential to the job?  How many years of previous work experience would it typically take to gain sufficient experience in these areas to minimally fill this job role?
  No related experience                      5–8 years of related experience
  1–3 years of related experience      8–10 years of related experience
  3–5 years of related experience      10+ years of related experience
What type of supervisory or management experience would be necessary to fulfill the job requirements, if any?
No supervisory or management experience is required.  Extensive experience in leading teams is required.
What education is typically required for the job?
Required   Preferred                                         Required   Preferred
               High School                                             MBA/Master’s Degree
               Associate’s Degree                                PhD
               Bachelor’s Degree
Professional Training and Certification
Sales and partner management, complex sales training (e.g., Miller Hyman, Spin, Michael Bosworth, Holden, TAS – Target Account Selling, etc.), sales methodologies (equivalent to MSSP), broad evangelism through events (presentation skills), effective marketing tactics, negotiation, financial analysis, Line of Business applications, business process consulting or automation, CRM (Siebel or other), industry-specific certifications  if applicable).
Comparable Jobs
Comparable Jobs
IAM (Inside Account Manager), SSPs (Solutions Sales Professional)s, SE (Services Executive), PAM Solutions
Account Director, Sales Manager, Consultants who have been on quota
Non-Microsoft Prior Work Experience
·      Sales or consulting position within an IT Consulting or Services company such as Accenture, EDS, IBM Global Services, HP or the equivalent
·      Sales or consulting position in a competing or partner company, particularly Oracle, SAP or IBM or a software company with a Linux focus
Job-Specific Skills and Knowledge
Support development and maintenance of the following skills and knowledge
*Refer to the Appendix on page 4 for full details on skill/knowledge levels
Subject Matter Expertise
·      200 to 300 Level knowledge of the tools and resources used by customers and their Lines of Business (e.g., financial metrics and statements, industry and analyst reports, executive dashboards, etc.)
·      200 Level knowledge in the principal Line of Business or functional applications used in targeted industries (e.g., claims processing in insurance industry and inventory management for distribution companies, HR and payroll systems, etc.)
Industry Expertise
·      200 to 300 Level knowledge of relevant industry knowledge (based on local industry/vertical hiring requirements)
Microsoft Products
·      100 Level knowledge of Microsoft Licensing
·      100 Level knowledge of basic Microsoft platform technologies
·      100 Level knowledge of mission-critical Enterprise products
Competitor/ Partner Products
·      200 Level knowledge of major competitors, including Local/Regional and industry-specific competitors
·      200 Level knowledge of the business value of partner Line of Business solutions and their sales/implementation models, including Local/Regional and industry-specific partners
Hiring Profile
Seek candidates possessing the following indicators of success
·           Embodies Microsoft core values of:
o         Integrity and honesty
o        Open and respectful
o        Big challenges
o        Passion
o        Accountable
o        Self-critical
·           Has strong time management and prioritization skills; is organized and methodical in his/her approach.
·           Has passionate attitude for sales, technology and customers as an enabler for a company’s growth.
·           Is experienced in building relationships with CXOs and business decision-makers.
·           Has the “discipline” of working with people; is structured in his/her approach to leading teams through complex technology solution sales.
·           Is experienced and adept at getting people working towards a common goal; consistently demonstrates strong people management skills.
·           Is tough skinned; shows no fear in the face of challenges; is someone who doesn’t take things personally.
·           Knows how to deliver on promises.
·           Is creative, innovative; is often seen as visionary in his/her approach.
Summary of Sales Competencies and Proficiency Targets
Proficiency Target
Proficiency Target
Building Customer/Partner Relationships
Interpersonal Awareness
Technology Expertise
Cross-Boundary Collaboration
Strategic Sales Planning
Drive for Results
Team Leadership
Impact and Influence
Value Selling

Appendix:  Job-Specific Skills and Knowledge Levels
The following defines the 100 to 500 level scale used in the Job-Specific Skills and Knowledge section above
Skill and Knowledge Level Descriptions
Level 100
Conversant.  Aware of key issues associated with the technology or skill, where and why it is appropriate to use, and major limitations on applicability.  Knowledgeable of appropriate terminology.  Aware of limitations of own knowledge, and of how and when to seek additional expertise.
Level 200
Literate.  Has received in-depth training in the technology or skill, and is knowledgeable on methods and procedures for its application.  Capable of practicing the technology or skill, but lacking in substantial real-world experience in execution and implementation.   
Level 300
Practitioner.  Fully trained and competent in the technology or skill, with appropriate real-world experience in its application.  Uses the technology or skill on a regular basis, and is knowledgeable of business, technical, and other challenges and critical success factors for implementation.
Level 400
Fluent.  An acknowledged leader in the use and implementation of the technology or skill, with multiple instances of successful implementation of the technology or skill, including success stories and case studies to demonstrate credibility with customers, partners, and Microsoft employees.
Level 500
Expert.  Globally acknowledged expert on technology or skill, with authorship of key technologies or of published materials contributing to understanding of the field.  Able to explain reasoning behind key technical architecture choices.  Leader in developing Journeymen and in creation of course content for advancing the state of Microsoft’s Corporate capabilities. 

This job description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this role.  The actual duties, responsibilities, and qualifications may vary based on assignment or group.
Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, marital status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.